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The infrastructure consists of 44.4 kilometres of double-track HS railway line between Llers and Le Soler (Near Figueres and Perpignan, respectively), divided as follows:

  • In France, an open-air double-track section, 17.26 km long, from the beginning of the concession at Le Soler (km 0+000) to the entrance to the Pertús tunnel.
  • A double-tube croos-border tunnel, 8.3 km long (Pertús tunnel).
  • In Spain, an open air double-track section, 18.85 km long, from the tunnel exit to the end of the concession at Llers (km 44+353).
  • Two bi-directional conventional single tracks (2,9 + 4,6 km) linking to the French railwaynetwork at Le Soler.


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